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Core Bus Corridor Project submission

Core Bus Corridor Project feedback

1. General Points

Camera enforcement of bus lanes should be included as part of the project if possible.

Concern has been expressed by vulnerable road users and their families about island bus stops and their accessibility. Where access to a bus stop is only via crossing a cycle lane more information on how this is proposed to be made safe would be appreciated.

2. Ballymun to City Centre Corridor

The redesign of the junctions at Griffith Avenue/Mobhi Road/Hampstead Avenue is causing concern in terms of what exactly it would look like and what journeys from these areas into e.g. Phibsborough/Na Fianna CLG/Glasnevin Avenue/Marino would look like. If greater information could be provided on road and junction layouts in practical terms could be provided it would be appreciated.

While the provision of a cycle lane on the Ballymun Road is most welcome, the narrowing of pavements is a matter for concern and pedestrian facilities should be maintained where possible.

3. Swords to City Centre Bus Corridor

The removal of the proposed one way system in Santry village is welcome.

Some Santry residents have expressed concern about the proposed widening of the Swords Road at the junction with Collins Avenue. This is a junction which is already dangerous for pedestrians due to the number of traffic lanes and they must use several crossings to get from one side of the junction to the other. The current plan for the Swords corridor proposes adding an extra general traffic lane and widening the road by at least 5 metres. A recent EPA report showed this road and the area up to the port tunnel entrance have some of the worst air quality in the State which should be borne in mind.

The junction is a key part of Whitehall and the urban realm and attractiveness of the village as a residential area is impacted by the future layout of this junction.

Further up the Swords Road, as part of the construction of the corridor, public realm improvements which draw attention to Santry’s history and heritage e.g. at St Pappin’s Church would be welcome. This is a good opportunity for Santry as a village to have its urban design reimagined with seating and planting provided.

4. Finglas to City Centre Bus Corridor

Pedestrian safety on this corridor is a key concern as the N2 has such high volumes of traffic. Currently overgrowing shrubbery etc along this route and poorly maintained grass verges can push pedestrians into the cycling path and create conflicts etc so general upgrades of this route would be welcome for pedestrians.

Kind regards,

Paul McAuliffe TD

Cllr Briege Mac Oscar

Cllr Keith Connolly

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