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News about Illegal Fireworks Plague in Dublin City, 4/9/2020

“Dublin already seems awash with fireworks, what will it be like by the time we reach October.” McAuliffe

Former Lord Mayor of Dublin and Fianna Fáil TD, Paul McAuliffe, has today called for a dedicated garda operation to tackle the fireworks issue plaguing parts of Dublin and which appears to start earlier each year.

“Communities are being terrorised by fireworks exploding at all hours of the day and night, this is a particular concern for pet owners, with pets often becoming frightened and having to be brought indoors. We have the problem every year but it seems to be starting earlier each year and that means an anxious time for weeks before Halloween.” said McAuliffe

“I am particularly concerned for this year which will see far less organised Halloween activities due to COVID 19. Dublin already seems awash with fireworks, what will it be like when we reach the end of October.”

“The sale, possession and use of fireworks in Ireland is illegal and today, I have written to the Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice to seek additional resources to help police this issue. I am calling for a targeted operation to reduce the sale supply and use of fireworks in conjunction with a renewed safety campaign highlighting the dangers of fireworks.”

“It is not unusual for fireworks to be heard across the city from October but never has the issue started so early. Unfortunately, I have heard some harrowing stories of fireworks being deliberately launched at people and pets.”

“One local vet in Finglas has taken to social media to urge people to be careful after a dog named Teddy was brought to his clinic this week with burnt hair. It is not ok that certain communities have to endure this for an increasing length of time each year,” said the Former Lord Mayor.

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